While it is a great honor to be named a bridesmaid or groomsman, the position comes with a lot of expense. Adding up travel, gifts, attire, and bachelor/bachelorette party expenses, costs can easily surpass $1,000. Here are a few ways you can join the celebration, keep the bride and groom happy, and still control costs.

Rent your outfit
Tons of options exist for men to rent suits and tuxedos. A new tuxedo costs ALOT, and a new suit is at least is about . Rentals cost b for a tux and b for a suit. Unless you expect to go to a lot of black tie events, renting the tux an easy choice. If suits are chosen for groomsmen, depending on the style, renting may be the most cost effective option.

Bridesmaid dresses can be equally costly to buy, and until recently, no rental option existed. Luckily, there are now several sites that offer rentals of popular bridesmaid dresses. If, like most people, your brudesmaid dress will be confined to your closet after the wedding, shop around for a rental option.

Combine the bridal shower and bachelorette party
If some of the bridesmaids or other important guests will have to travel, consider holding the bridal shower and bachelorette party together so the out-of-towners only have to travel once. Scheduling the shower for the day before or morning of the bachelorette party would make for an incredible weekend!

Hold the bachelor/bachelorette party locally
You shouldn't need an expensive flight to make the bachelor or bachelorette party unforgettable, as long as all your friends are there. There are surely a lot of fun things to do close to your hometown. If you do decide to travel, go somewhere that you can stay with friends or family to avoid paying for a hotel.

Contribute to a large group gift
Get the whole wedding party together and buy the couple a big ticket item. Instead of spending $100s each on small registry items, you can buy a fabulous, expensive gift, even if the wedding party contributes only $50 each. Furniture and electronics are great options for a group wedding gift.

Do your own hair and makeup
The wedding should focus on the beautiful bride, not bridesmaids. If the bride does not have the budget to pay for her bridesmaids, she should be okay with you passing on professional hair and makeup.