Your guests want to get you a gift, and they want to get you something you will like, so a wedding registry is a must. But at the same time, it’s uncomfortable to ask for gifts, especially when you have a very expensive, expansive wishlist. Here’s how wedding experts agree you can tastefully clue-in your guests to your registry details.

Don’t mention your registry on wedding invitations
All wedding experts agree that you should not list your registry information on your invitations (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, etc.). Doing so will violate wedding etiquette and come across as rude.

Link your registry to your wedding website
Creating a wedding website that includes a link to your registry is the best way to tell guests where you are registered. While you shouldn’t include a link directly to your registry, it is okay to list your wedding website on the invitation. There are many sites where you can create wedding pages for free, such as The Knot.

Wedding webpages have many other benefits: they are a great place for wedding details, such as directions and accommodations, that don’t have a spot on the invitation. As well, you can easily update your webpage with any new or changing information.

Your close friends and family can spread the word
Word of mouth is the other proper way for guests to find out your registry details. Make sure your wedding party, parents, grandparents, and other close friends know where you registered. Word of mouth will spread to all guests, or at least they will know who to ask about your registry. It’s also okay to tell guests who ask you directly for your registry or gift ideas.