Gift cards don't deserve their bad reputation for being impersonal, thoughtless gifts. There are many situations when a gift card is the perfect wedding gift, and there is a lot of room to add a thoughtful, personal touch.

More couples than ever are asking for cash and gift cards instead of traditional registry items like fine china. According to Jason Dorsey, an executive millenials researcher from Austin, TX, "Couples of this generation prefer experiences over stuff. Less is more. This generation of couples live in smaller spaces and don’t need gifts." (Source)

Gift cards are also great gifts if the couple getting married is older or if they already own a home. When people get married, they are often consolidating two homes into one, so they really don’t need any more gifts. In this situation, a home renovation gift card would be a great gift to allow the couple to upgrade their home when they move in together. Or, if you know the couple’s favorite type of food, a restaurant gift card allows them to have a date night.

Gift cards are also a great option to help newlyweds with big-ticket items on their registry. If you don’t have the budget for a big ticket item like a $500 kitchen gadget, consider a gift card instead to help offset the cost when they buy it after the wedding.

You can make a gift card even more thoughtful if you think outside the big box stores to add a personal touch. Think of experiences the couple will love: restaurants, cooking classes, wine tasting, subsciption services, and travel all could be great options. Plus, websites like allow you to personalize the physical cards at no extra charge.

Feel good about giving a gift card at your next wedding!