Don’t register for: Fine China
Surely your parents or other extended family members have a cabinet displaying expensive wedding china. But you can probably count on one hand the number of times this china was used for meals. With many families opting for smaller homes and less clutter, wedding china may not have a place in the home of most newlyweds, and it is not worth the hefty price tag.

Instead, register for: Fiestaware
Colorful fiestaware place settings w sets of dishes — at least 8, preferably 12 — Get them in all white, a single a pattern or color you love, or all colors. Fiestaware is extremely durable. All 10 of my fiestaware placesettings have survived years of meals, dishwasher cycles, and moves totally undamaged.

Don’t register for: 15-piece knife block
Good knives are a kitchen essential, but a 15 piece knife set is not a great option for your wedding registry. A quality full set is very expensive, and may be over the gift budget for most guests. And if you register for a cheaper set. Plus, the 15 piece set can be bulky and there may be some knives that you never use.

Instead, register for: Single, high quality knives
By registering for knives indivually, you are reducing the price tag of each regostry otem without sacrificing qualoty. In particular, register for a terrific chef’s knife. A knife such as SOMETHING is comfortable, remains sharp for years, and makes cutting easy!

Don't register for: Artwork
Avoid regiatering for artwork for your kitchen. Items in this category include framed photos These items add clutter, are out of style, and don't help you cook.

Instead, register for: Handmade wooden kitchen tools
Decorative pepper mills, cutting boards, and spice racks are very stylish serve a purpose in the kitchen.