Asking for gifts can be uncomfortable enough, and many people hesitate to add expensive items to their wedding registry to avoid seeming like a jerk. As long as there are some low priced items on your registry, you should not hesitate to add big ticket items that you truly want and will use. Here's why:

Value and functionality
Fancy place settings are nice, but they are also expensive for what they are. Think about it: would you rather have 8 $50 silverware sets, or perfectly functional silverware ($25) and a new iPad ($450). Electronics are expensive, but they are also super valuable for how much they can do. If you were spending your own money, the iPad is the easy choice. Do yourself (and your guests) a favor by registering for items of true value.

Partial contributions and group gifting
These days, there are many options for guests to contribute part of a large gift. Registering for a big ticket item lets guests know what you want and they can work together to get it for you. Guests can coordinate a group gift with paypal or venmo. has group gifting options as well. Guests can always give you money, either by check or gift card, or by using a cash registry like

Special Offers:
Many stores offer discount to couple to purchase remaining registry items after the wedding. I'm pretty sure Crate & Barrel offers 10% off after the wedding. If Plus, you will have received cash or gift cards to offset the cost even more. So go ahead and put the $2,000 4k tv on your registry.